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Saladin Og Dino Davis: YA DIS SH*T GO…!!!!
Syke Wallace: This what they want
igobythenameofA: Dam this shit live. Lyrics are on point and the hook is serious. Song would do numbers in Miami.
SELOU: Track got serious radio vibes all day. The hook has the bounce
Katriona Music Producer: This is such a catchy rap track! The beat is great for this type of vibe and it suits the vocals really well. This has commercial appeal and I like it a lot.
As one reviewer put, this is what the streets want. “YGD” TopDogg has truly found his purpose and niche
as an artist in the hip hop world. Serving you pound for pound his smooth rough, rugged, & raw styles that he throws in the mix from his past and also today’s music. In short, if you are a fan of legendary hip hop artist such as 2Pac, Snoop, Kendrick Lamar,The Game and more “YGD”TopDogg is a must have in your collection.
His smooth flow & charisma captured the attention of critics around the world and his rough rugged raw delivery makes this the perfect background for that trip on the high or even just an evening kicking back over some smoke and your favorite drink.
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